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    DPW Solar (Direct Power & Water) provides innovative mounting solutions for any PV solar application. Their POWER-FAB® product line of high strength and easy to install mounting systems and enclosures are perfect for all commercial, industrial, government, utility and residential applications.

    Available Products listed below
    DPW BRM Ballasted Residential Roof Mounting System

    Since 1993, installers and end-users have appreciated DP&W’s reputation for rugged, high quality PV mounting structures. DPW POWER-Fab roof mounts require no penetrations. The structure is held in place by the weight of concrete blocks (not included – supplied by the installer). Durable and easy to install.

    DPW Power-Fab CRS Non-Penetrating Flat Roof Mounting System

    This non-penetrating, ballasted commercial solar panel mounting system is fast to install and provides a secure mounting structure for any framed module. Tested and approved for use in high wind speed areas. Flexible design means it works well in almost any situation.

    DPW Power-Fab Multi-Pole Mounts

    Ideal for shade and carport structures. Supports 2 to 4 modules high in landscape orientation on installer supplied Schedule 40 steel pipe. Can be expanded horizontally as far as necessary.

    DPW Power-Fab Power Grid Non-Penetrating Roof Mounting System

    The DPW POWER-GRID System is a non-penetrating flat roof solar panel mounting system that gives you maximum module density from the available space. Compatible with framed or unframed modules.

    DPW Power-Fab Power Rail Top Clamp Mounting System

    The DPW POWER RAIL lightweight PV module mounting system was engineered to reduce installation costs and provide maximum strength for parallel-to-roof or tilt up mounting applications. High strength and reliable. Flexible mounting options.

    DPW Power-Fab Standard Roof and Ground Mounts

    DPW Solar’s Power-Fab Roof/Ground Mounts are available in several sizes and styles in both aluminum (AL) and painted steel (PS) versions. In addition to the standard configuration, DPW offers both low-profile and two-tier designs. Both one-piece (OP) and telescoping-leg (TL) sets are available. Power-Fax specializes in custom design and fabrication and can build mounts to meet your exact needs.

    DPW Side-of-Pole Mounts

    Power-FAB mounts are available in painted steel and mill-finish aluminum versions. Stainless steel module mounting hardware is provided with all mounts. Most mounts can be attached to flat vertical surfaces using installer-supplied lag bolts or through-bolts. Available for many different modules.
    Most side of pole mounts can be shipped by UPS.

    DPW Top-of-Pole Mounts

    Power-fab TPM standard mounts have heavy steel mounting sleeves, elevation pivots and strongbacks that are painted with durable outdoor paint. Stainless steel module mounting hardware is provided. Standard top-of-pole mounts are adjustable from 15 degrees to 65 degrees in 10-degree increments and fit on Schedule 40 steel pipe.

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