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    Enphase Envoy EMU Communications Gateway (IEMU-03)

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    The Envoy IEMU-03 (Energy Monitoring Unit) is an indoor mounted device that collects and transmits performance information from each solar module to the Enphase Enlighten website (180 panels max per EMU). It includes a display and an internet interface,  and is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable to a router. Individual inverter and overall system data is displayed and saved via Enlighten software through the Enphase website.

    Enphase Enlighten Website – Now Included Free!

    The Enlighten website provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of every solar module in your array, allowing you to monitor and manage your solar electric system 24 hours a day.



    Envoy EMU Energy Management Unit – IEMU-03 with Ethernet Bridge and free Lifetime Enlighten Monitoring



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