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    SolarWorld 230 Watt Solar Panels On Sale!

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    Made in the USA




    SolarWorld SW230, Poly, Silver
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    The SolarWorld Sunmodule represents one of the best values in the PV industry. High-quality, high performing, and highly reliable– it is designed and built for long-term yield stability and ease of use. Every module is factory flashed at standard test conditions (STC) to determine the power output and then sorted in 5 watt increments. Only modules with a flashed power that is greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power are delivered. Flash report data is provided with every order.

    The Sunmodule features a patented, low profile junction box with integrated bypass diodes that is completely sealed against corrosion, ensuring reliability and eliminating failures resulting from exposure to the elements. Molded fins on the exterior housing dissipate heat quickly which maximizes power output. The patented box channel frame design provides extraordinary stiffness in bending and torsion. The laminate with 4mm glass is set deep in the frame channel and secured with precision applied adhesive. The frame is assembled by press fit to maximize strength and longevity. The result is an extremely robust package that can be mounted in any orientation and can withstand static loads of up to 113 psf.

    Unique 25-year Linear Performance Guarantee

    SolarWorld guarantees, over 25 years, that the modules’ performance will not decrease by more than 0.7% per year – a distinct added value compared to the two-tiered guarantees usual in the industry. This high quality 245 watt solar panel was ranked number one in two consecutive test carried out by Photon magazine in 2008 and 2009.

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