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    Sun Frost RF19, R19 and F19 Refrigerators and Freezers

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    Sun Frost’s 19 cubic foot capacity refrigerators and freezers are the largest made by Sun Frost.  Each has two spacious, equal sized compartments with no exposed ducts or tubing to take up precious refrigeration space.  Exceptionally efficient, extremely quiet, reliable and beautiful, these Sun Frost appliances keep your food fresh longer.

    The Sun Frost RF19 uses one compartment for refrigeration and the other for freezing; you choose which goes on the top and which on the bottom. Because of the ample freezer space, the RF19 often eliminates the need to buy a separate freezer. Typically mounted on a 13-inch high cabinet.

    The Sun Frost R19 is a refrigerator-only model with two equal-sized refrigerator sections. It does not require defrosting and incorporates a passive (no fans) cooling system.

    The F19 is Sun Frost’s largest freezer-only unit. The equal-sized compartments incorporate two independently controlled cooling systems, which means one compartment may be turned off to conserve energy when its storage space is not required.

    • All shelves are adjustable
    • Comes standard in white.  Please call for more information on custom finishes.
    • Available in DC (12 or 24 volt) or AC (110 or 220 volt).

    Please note:  All models are 34½”W and 27¾”D and require 6″ of clearance above and 3¾” on hinge side to allow room to open door.


    Item DC AC
    Sun Frost RF19 (choice of freezer on top or bottom) $3,250.00* $3,105.00*
    Sun Frost R19   (all refrigerator) $2,890.00* $2,815.00*
    Sun Frost F19    (all freezer) $3,280.00* $3,155.00*


    *Prices do NOT include freight or Sun Frost’s crating fee ($65). California residents add sales tax.


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